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Webalo and Mobelisk Agree to Cross-promote Their Enterprise Mobility Technologies

Mobelisk's ruggedized "blank slate" Android devices and Webalo's self-service mobility platform provide customers with unlimited flexibility and customization

Los Angeles, CA
Webalo, Inc., and Mobelisk both provide business users with secure access to enterprise applications and data through mobile devices. The complementary nature of their technologies persuaded the companies to cross-promote their offerings in relevant sales situations.

For instance, when Webalo is discussing how a healthcare prospect can use Webalo's cloud-based self-service platform to combine patient records, clinical data, and diagnostic and pharmaceutical reference information into a single mobile app, they can recommend that the prospect consider Mobelisk's secure tablet, configured as a HIPAA-compliant device for viewing that information – information that can be viewed but does not remain on a device and can be set to time out automatically.

As a "blank slate" that can be loaded with company-selected and approved Android-compatible apps, Mobelisk devices can, as an example, let a retailer load an enterprise mobility app for completing transactions in the store aisles, saving the customer from having to wait in a check-out line. Webalo would be introduced to the retailer as a fast, easy, affordable way to add access to databases (to check inventory in nearby stores), to their shipper's application (to arrange for home delivery), and to their order entry application (to replenish an out-of-stock item).

"Even in the era of BYOD," notes Webalo CEO Peter Price, "there are still many businesses that want to use dedicated devices that have none of the distractions of an employee's personal device – things like social media and music. Mobelisk is a natural choice for those enterprises, and Webalo can let them add any enterprise data and task to a Mobelisk tablet."

"Security is vital in every business, and it's even more essential as transactions take place on mobile devices," Mobelisk's CEO Dennis Hamann observes. "Mobelisk builds in security with options like password protection, encryption, time-outs, non-persistent data, and integration with third-party mobile device management [MDM].

Webalo enhances those protections with its own encryption and the enforcement of Active Directory and LDAP permission-based security, which is the same protocol used on desktops and laptops. It's an ideal combination."


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