The Webalo Platform

Easily design, generate and deploy Connected Worker apps, using groundbreaking capabilities, to empower your workforce with data and tools that direct their work, accelerate decision-making and improve overall execution

Webalo digitizes the tasks & activities of the Frontline Workforce

Empower your workforce, accelerate decision making, and streamline communications, by digitizing forms, activities, workflows, events and end-to-end processes.

Engage, train, motivate, support, and retain your frontline workforce

Improve execution and reduce downtime and delays

Improve quality and ensure safety

Increase productivity and efficiency

The opportunity

Your workforce is your greatest asset, and a connected workforce provides actionable visibility into frontline processes, across all areas of operations.

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Webalo captures and stores the actionable information

This includes the state of processes (scheduled, claimed, started, canceled, reassigned, etc.), start and end times, execution duration and idle time between steps, contextual data, incidents etc. to provide end to end visibility.

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Webalo stores connected worker-specific data

Information such as operations performed, who performed and what data was captured.

data insights
Webalo's capabilities bring a reliable means to gain insights

External connectors and automated tasks give customers a realistic view at their production data and processes that can provide actionable solutions to optimize their businesses.

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The Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center

Webalo apps generate new data about your operational processes and how the workforce uses them, all of which is captured in the Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center, the hub of the Webalo Platform that creates a unique, new, transformational, big data asset that optimizes your enterprise.

To enable the Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center, the Webalo Platform provides a range of modules designed to easily generate connected worker apps that digitize paper-based systems, standardize work processes, manage events, and leverage existing systems and assets to engage, train, support and retain the frontline workforce.

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Digitize tasks & activities for the Frontline Workforce

Forms makes it simple to digitize forms and eliminate paper to increase operational productivity & efficiency.

Easily digitize your existing checklists, forms, and standard operating procedures, and enhance them with the addition of various capabilities such as barcode scanning on mobile devices, and checkboxes for daily checklist reports.

Include date and time stamps for tracking and simplified auditing purposes, as well as drop-down lists for rapid item selection.

A frontline working access the Webalo app on a tablet

Integrate bi-directionally with a broad range of enterprise applications

Integrate the enterprise, using Connectors, a rich set of data connectors and an extensible architecture to interact with almost any enterprise data source.

All connectors are bi-directional allowing two way flow of data using standards-based communications (REST, SOAP, JDBC) Webalo's architecture supports cloud, mobile and virtualization platforms for enterprise compatibility and standardization.

Connected external data can be linked to workflows, forms, visualizations and notifications.

A composite graphic showing Webalo's partnership on major enterprise applications

Real-time user notifications facilitate immediate response

Notifications supports alerts and messaging to provide real-time interactions with the plant teams, and enterprise data sources.

Connected workers receive notifications about plant operations with job updates that allow them to monitor business-critical KPIs, respond to routine events, and take action in real-time.

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Generate, and integrate, complex, multi-dimensional workflows

Integrate complex workflows such as changeovers, inspections, inventory tracking, maintenance work orders, and shift changes using Workflows, Webalo's industry-standard workflow capability.

Webalo defines a holistic approach to digitizing the workplace, and empowering the frontline workforce, by providing a full platform for defining workflows, creating forms and reports, and integrating with various industry data sources. Workflows can be started manually or by external notifications, and workers are notified for the upcoming task in the workflow. Webalo workflows links to enterprise and industrial systems and each workflow step can launch associated forms, checklists or reports and update core systems. Each workflow step can be assigned to users or groups, from which an individual user can claim and start the tasks at runtime.

Workflows includes Workflow Designer that supports a BPMN-standard workflow methodology that will be familiar to process engineers, subject matter experts and other business technologists, so that they can easily design their workflows and integrate them with the digitized forms created with the Forms module.

Workflows also includes the Workflow Engine which provides the run-time execution environment for workflows, maintaining a real-time state of all workforce processes. It supports advanced, multi-dimensional workflows, where the workflow steps can also read and write data from any Webalo-connected data source.

Window into workforce and general performance activity

Visualize real-time workforce activity data, as well as general performance data from machine and other equipment/ assets in the plant, warehouse or broader supply chain. Information is available immediately, enabling supervisors and management to tune, optimize operations in real-time.

Visualization brings the entire process into focus, with a broad selection of charts, dashboards, KPI monitors and reports.

A frontline working access the Webalo app on a tablet

New and powerful process analysis tool for the digital worker

Optimize measures performance and identifies areas for improvement based on setpoints or other KPIs.

  • Helps the workforce achieve their goals
  • Highlights underlying correlations between workers, teams, departments and plants
  • Detects bottlenecks and performance issues
  • Monitors overall process efficiency
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Enterprise Grade

Webalo is enterprise grade, available, scalable, and secure — built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time transactional usage by thousands of workers, helping them to make better, more informed decisions, and to make their businesses more productive.

Flexible Deployment Options

Webalo supports various enterprise deployment needs through the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Graphic showing on-premise deployment options.

Dedicated, behind-the-firewall appliance. A VM image that can be deployed in any of the leading virtualization environments, including Hyper-V, VMWare & XenCloud.

Graphic showing cloud deployment options.

Cloud agnostic delivery through the leading enterprise cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud & Azure.

Graphic showing hybrid deployment options.

Webalo Gateway provides a hybrid deployment model for enterprises that wish to use a cloud service but cannot access enterprise data outside the corporate firewall. Webalo Gateway is installed behind the firewall and acts as a reverse proxy between the cloud service and enterprise data.

Security graphic.


Security is at the core of every component of the Webalo Platform. Webalo is architected to include the necessary security controls that mitigate risk and maintain the highest level of security and availability.

Graphic showing on-premise deployment options.
Encrypted data accessible at the user level

All data is encrypted at rest and in motion, guaranteeing privacy and authenticity. Webalo secures data access at the user level.

Graphic showing cloud deployment options.
Authentication and authorization connector integration

Data connectors are integrated with a variety of authentication and authorization mechanisms, including OAuth 2 and NTLM, as well as directory-based authentication using Active Directory and LDAP.

Graphic showing hybrid deployment options.
Enterprise mobility management, integration and security

The Webalo Client is integrated with all leading Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, operating inside these secure containers to provide further protection of sensitive data and integration with other enterprise security platforms.

Graphic showing on-premise deployment options.
Role-based deployment access and control

Deployment to groups of users is enabled via Webalo's role-based, fine-grained access control.

Graphic showing cloud deployment options.
Administrator managed content and access permission

Webalo administrators can create and manage users, groups, and permissions as well as manage the content that shows on each user's home screen.

Graphic showing hybrid deployment options.
Administrator controlled subdomain access

An administrator can delegate administration of subdomains of content, enabling each business department to manage their own content.


All Webalo generated apps automatically run natively on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and are pre-integrated with available device services, including camera, video, messaging, notification, and location-based services, as well as providing off-line functionality when network connections are unavailable.

The Webalo Platform automatically maintains apps across operating system updates and new device releases. Webalo apps can be configured from and deployed to any browser, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

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