Enterprise Grade

Webalo is secure and scalable, built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time, transactional usage by thousands of enterprise users. Learn More »

User First

Webalo’s patented user-proxy server is architected to generate user personalized mobile and desktop access to all kinds of enterprise and industrial applications. Learn More »

App Generation

Webalo makes it easy to connect to your enterprise data and automatically generate apps across every major mobile and desktop platform. Learn More »

Executive Brief

The Webalo Application Development Platform

Webalo is an enterprise-grade, mobile and desktop rapid application development platform, designed to easily transform existing enterprise applications into User FirstTM personal apps.

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NHS BlackBerry

Major U.K. Hospital Trusts BlackBerry & Webalo

With high-security BlackBerry smartphones, University Hospitals Birmingham trusts Webalo’s application development and management framework to provide better healthcare.

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Ovum Report

Webalo Offers a No-code Mobile Development Platform

The effort and cost associated with mobilizing important enterprise applications can be prohibitive to many organizations. Webalo supports organizations in overcoming this challenge with functionality that helps modernize legacy IT systems into more usable native mobile apps.

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VDC Research

Webalo’s Mobile Rapid App Development (mRAD) Platform

The mobile workforce demands new and more mobilized means of accessing important business applications and data. Webalo’s Mobile Rapid App Development (mRAD) platform tackles this problem.

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