Digitizing the Industrial Frontline Workforce

A compiled image of a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone all using Control Tower apps on the Webalo Platform.
Image features  frontline worker wearing bright yellow hard hat  interfacing with the mobile Webalo app on a tablet and supervising robotic arms.

A Paperless Workday

Easily digitize paper-based checklists, forms, and standard operating procedures. Get access to all of this for free with Webalo’s new StartNow! edition!

Connected Digital Distancing™

Enable safe, efficient, and productive ongoing plant operations.

Eliminate paper, reduce workforce movements and interactions, safely manage plant access, and enable persona-based remote working. Webalo’s Connected Digital Distancing technology uniquely addresses the critical requirements for today’s pandemic – while also providing a platform for the future.

A frontline worker wearing an orange safety vest stands before machinery using a tablet displaying the Webalo app.
Image of frontline worker with a mask using a mobile device.

Keep Your Workers Connected and Protected

Webalo Connected Worker apps help you train, engage, support, motivate, and retain your frontline workforce.

Improve quality and ensure worker safety while reducing downtime and delays, and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Real-time Operational Awareness

Allocate, track, manage, and approve workforce tasks and activities.

Webalo Control Tower apps provide real-time operational awareness across all areas of plant operations, allowing management teams to visualize and analyze plant and workforce performance.

Image shows a worker in a business suit using a tablet to interface with the mobile Control Tower app from Webalo with automated manufacturing machinery in the background.
GIF demonstrates the creation of a workflow using the mobile Webalo application.

The Platform for the Frontline Workforce

Webalo is enterprise grade, closely integrated with enterprise and industrial software systems such as Microsoft, SAP, Rockwell, and Siemens. Webalo is built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time transactional usage by thousands of workers to help them make better, more informed decisions and to make their businesses more productive.

Empower Your Frontline Workforce

Webalo empowers citizen developers such as process engineers and the broader plant team to generate, manage, update, and maintain their own apps. Webalo’s model is simple; its patented technology generates apps automatically. It’s easy to implement, does not require substantial corporate resources, and can be enabled remotely. Webalo is low-cost and delivers a rapid ROI.

Close-up image depicts hands of an individual using the Webalo app on a mobile phone to digitally sign a fault card while viewing a Control Tower digitized schedule on a tablet.

Webalo Connected Digital Distancing™ Use Cases

Shift Changes

Shift changes need to be carefully managed to minimize person-to-person interactions between shifts. Webalo digitizes the shift handover process, capturing key KPIs directly from the data sources and enabling the shift team to add pictures, videos, and notes for viewing on mobile, desktop, and large screen displays to digitally support the handover from one shift to another, minimizing person-to-person interactions and reducing downtime.

Paper-based Forms

Paper can be a toxic material in the plant environment. Webalo digitizes checklists, forms, and workflows in minutes and hours, eliminating paper, improving health and safety, accelerating productivity, and enhancing plant operating efficiency.

Production Schedules

Ensuring the plant is always operating on the right production schedule is a key operating requirement. Enabling this capability without paper is challenging. Webalo integrates with production planning products (SAP PP, etc.) and automatically digitizes the plan onto the mobile devices of the production team, ensuring everyone is looking at the right plan at the right time.

Receiving & "Permitting" Interactions

Ensuring secure access to the plant, minimizing external vendor plant movement, and eliminating paperwork are critical requirements in today’s operating environment. Webalo’s Connected Digital Distancing™ technology digitizes plant entry (bill of lading), materials receiving, plant paperwork, and ERP (SAP IM, etc.) reconciliations.

Operational Visibility

Real-time visibility of the status of the tasks and activities of the workforce, and of the broader plant operating environment and its machinery, is critical to maintaining efficient operations. Webalo’s real-time Control Tower view of the plant through mobile, desktop, and large screen displays of dashboards, KPIs, and reports showing workforce task/activity status, combined with all other relevant plant data points, ensures management and plant operations can maintain operational efficiency in any operating environment.

Enabling Remote Working

The workforce and management need to be able to operate remotely. Webalo’s native mobile platform provides secure, scalable, actionable, and personalized access to the applications and data sources that the individual user needs to interact with, without them having to use VPN access and navigate through multiple menus and screens to find what they are looking for.

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Webalo brings in unique differentiation through their new SAP PM Framework and their track record in driving asset maintenance and optimization strategies across industrial and energy companies.

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The company is gaining market traction by addressing a wide range of use cases, with a particular focus on connected worker apps that enable a paperless workday for the workforce as well as control tower apps that provide for the real-time operation and management of the workforce across all areas of plant operations.

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Technologies that can help the workforce make better more informed decisions by democratizing enterprise data for consumption across different devices in a cost-effective manner are of growing importance to organizations. Webalo . . . can help enterprises accelerate time-to-value from their digital transformation strategy, while also improving workflow management.

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Webalo differentiates based on its automatic app generation capabilities that aim to significantly reduce the time, effort and cost required to generate, manage and maintain these apps, as well as their bi-directional data connectivity capabilities . . . from enterprise vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP as well as industrial vendors such as AVEVA, GE, Rockwell and Siemens.

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The drive for improved workforce productivity is a critical area of focus for industrial businesses. Webalo’s user experience platform allows companies to generate user-driven interactions within their enterprises, providing frontline workers with productivity apps that are automatically generated to support their specific roles and responsibilities.

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Technologies that can provide users with a single, centralized interface . . . that spans multiple different systems can be valuable in optimizing workforce productivity. Webalo is a solution . . . [that] transforms legacy apps and data by generating personalized apps, helping users more efficiently work with data that is contained across different and often disparate systems.

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