Webalo's Story

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Webalo was founded (and is run by) IT industry veterans – people who have successfully changed the way in which businesses use software to improve operations and their bottom lines.

Webalo is a high-productivity mobile app development platform that combines rapid access to back-end systems with the automatic generation of mobile applications for corporations to deliver more apps, more quickly, at a dramatically lower cost, while ensuring the highest degrees of enterprise security and governance.

Webalo is “enterprise-ready” - seamlessly integrating and interoperating with enterprise applications and data, providing out-of-the-box integration with Enterprise Mobility Management infrastructure tools and running on all major device platforms, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices.

In developing Webalo's enterprise mobility technology, we have redefined the way in which companies can give employees productivity-enhancing, individualized mobile access to the enterprise data, workflows and business intelligence they rely on.


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