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Wabtec Collaborates with Webalo to Enable Actionable Operational Visibility for Mine Operators

WILMERDING, June 3, 2019 — Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) announced today that its Digital Mine organization is collaborating with Webalo, Inc. to enhance and enrich the user experience for its mining customers. Mine operators need digital technologies to drive more productivity out of their mine sites while balancing the challenge of gaining full and actionable visibility into the massive amounts of data that they are capturing every day. By incorporating Webalo’s Connected Worker and Control Tower functionality with Wabtec’s Digital Mine Operations Performance Management solution, the resulting capability brings disparate enterprise and operational data into a "single-pane-of-glass" to accelerate productivity across the mine site.

"Our Digital Mine Operations Performance Management solutions are designed to improve plant productivity through advanced process control and analytics, driving increased recovery rates, capacity utilization and asset utilization," said Doug Hanson, General Manager, Digital Mine from Wabtec. "With the Webalo integration, we are enhancing this solution and enabling operators to visualize detailed and actionable information, rapidly update and disseminate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and make more informed decisions."

Wabtec’s Digital Mine group is actively working with ecosystem technology leaders like Webalo to bring the best capabilities to solve these common challenges within the mining industry. Webalo’s platform is architected to operate in the face of large volumes of real-time transactions by thousands of users. By integrating across Wabtec’s Digital Mine Asset Performance Management and Operations Performance Management solutions, Webalo helps accelerate time to value and increases overall productivity.

"Our collaboration with Wabtec allows us to better serve the mining industry by enabling frontline workers to simplify and improve their daily activities with intelligently managed workflows and real-time access to actionable analytics, alerts and notifications" said Peter Price, CEO, Webalo. "We are helping Mine Operators realize the value of untapped data, draw insights and enable action in real-time that allows for greater operational control and improved business productivity."

This technology is currently being implemented for mining customers operating in Africa and Australia.

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