The retail industry requires that merchandise be closely tracked as it is pushed from destination to destination. Bell Nursery is no different- they found themselves needing a way to track their product through various stages of the purchase cycle. So whether it’s inventory, shipping, or warehouse distribution, retail employees needed the ability to know where product is at all times. Writing down codes on paper is not a viable solution anymore - they needed consistent and reliable ways to track the UPC code of each item or shipment.



Webalo, the app for enterprise, assisted in Bell Nursery’s challenge. Just as with an retail company, the enterprise app integrates with open source scanner applications and allow the field representatives to scan each bar code and then submit that scan directly back to a database. This will result in a huge increase in productivity.



In addition to the increase in productivity, companies will also find less workforce is needed due to database integration, consistent reporting, and 24/7 access to critical company information.

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