Webalo Press Release

Webalo Launches an "Out-of the-Box" Infrastructure Platform
for Mobilizing Enterprise Apps that is Citrix Ready Worx Verified

The self-service Webalo for Citrix Worx enterprise mobility platform is available to enterprise
customers in the Citrix Ready Worx App Gallery


Los Angeles, CA – Webalo, Inc., is launching Webalo for Citrix Worx, a Citrix Ready Worx Verified mobile app generation platform that, as an integral part of the IT infrastructure, lets IT or department-level users create enterprise-to-mobile apps in minutes. Webalo for Citrix Worx, integrates seamlessly into the Citrix MDX app container technology and XenMobile infrastructure, giving 260,000 Citrix customers and 10,000 Citrix Resellers an infrastructure-level mobile app generation platform that connects directly to existing enterprise applications and data; provides bi-directional, transactional, interactive mobile access for a fraction of the cost of traditional development and retains all of the security and protection that Citrix ensures. 

"Webalo gives our customers and resellers a way to create enterprise mobile apps that’s built right into their IT infrastructure," said Christopher Fleck, Vice President, Mobility Solutions and Alliance at Citrix. "Webalo offers a level of automation, simplicity, speed, and savings that, when it’s combined with Citrix’s own MDX technology and XenMobile infrastructure, enables the multiple advantages of BYOD. Mobile employees can get the enterprise access they need to do their jobs more productively, get it on whatever Android and Apple smartphones and tablets they use, and IT gets the confidence to enable BYOD, do it virtually on demand, and do it with complete security."

Webalo’s technology uses a step-by-step, point-and-click configuration process to generate and deploy enterprise mobile apps in minutes, enabling Citrix users to securely access critical back-end data using Webalo embedded into the Citrix MDX technology and XenMobile infrastructure. Webalo quickly mobilizes IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com and in-house custom-built applications and can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of individual users. Together Webalo and Citrix eliminate the need for companies to design, develop and then independently verify the tens, hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of different enterprise mobile applications their businesses will require. In combination with Citrix MDX technology, Webalo gives businesses an infrastructural enterprise mobility platform for confidently generating, securing and managing apps and content on both iOS and Android devices.

"Citrix MDX and XenMobile provide the essential protection and security that are vital in the enterprise and, integrated in this secure environment, Webalo for Citrix Worx represents a new opportunity on a number of levels," Webalo Co-Founder and CEO Peter Price stresses. "The first is the ability to deliver the apps that mobile users want – not on a one-by-one, as-we-get-to-it, basis – but as something built into the IT infrastructure that’s always available to deliver enterprise-to-mobile capabilities on demand, whether that demand is met by IT directly or by department-level employees. Second is business-level scalability. Given the daily rise in requests for mobile access to the enterprise, IT must be able to handle – and implement – all those requests for enterprise mobility in an economical and time efficient manner. As a mobile app generation platform, that is an integral part of the IT infrastructure, Webalo scales economically to meet the mobile app demands of any enterprise".


About Webalo

Webalo is the easy, fast, affordable alternative to traditional mobile application development – infinitely scalable and an integral part of the IT infrastructure that lets IT or department-level users create enterprise-to-mobile apps in minutes. It offers out-of-the-box compatibility with Enterprise Mobility Management security tools and, with its speed and simplicity, eliminates the obstacles to implementing BYOD. Webalo connects to the enterprise applications and data that companies already have and delivers secure, interactive, bi-directional, transactional mobile access to the enterprise applications, data, and real-time operational analytics that employees rely on to do their jobs, and it does it for pennies an app. It’s 100x faster than traditional mobile application development, a fraction of the cost, simple enough for anyone to master, and powerful enough to let users take action directly from their smartphones and tablets. Webalo reduces the burden on IT, lowers overhead, extends the value of enterprise applications, and leverages the full computing power of smartphones and tablets. Founded in 2000, Los Angeles-based Webalo is privately held. Additional information about Webalo's products, customers, and partners is available at www.webalo.com.  Visit our blog at http://blog.webalo.com.  Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/WebaloInc.


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