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Webalo User First TM

User First

Webalo, User First, applications provide simple, low-cost ways to improve productivity and effectiveness in areas such as manufacturing line operation, infrastructure management, shipping & receiving, property management and many other areas of industrial business operations. Webalo’s User First platform enables Industrial organizations to rapidly transform data & applications from both OT and IT enterprise systems into personal systems, where each and every employee has the information they need, when and wherever they need it, to help them get their job done.

GE Logo

Webalo is a GE Digital ISV partner and a GE Intelligent Platforms OEM Partner

Webalo for Predix

Webalo for Predix, the GE cloud platform for the industrial internet, is the user agent for Predix apps and services. As the front-end for Predix, Webalo ensures that information users need is immediately available, relevant and actionable, thereby helping them make better, more informed, decisions in real-time. Webalo also enables GE customers to connect Predix data with other enterprise data, such as those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com and even in-house custom built applications, and quickly deliver the resulting apps to users on any device.

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Webalo and Tata Consulting Services (TCS)

Webalo is a TCS Ecosystem Partner for the Industrial Internet. TCS uses Webalo to deliver Predix to users on any device. Watch the video to see how TCS uses Webalo to deliver live production line metrics directly to the mobile devices of plant managers, enabling them to determine potential production line bottlenecks and adjust manufacturing schedules in real-time, to improve plant efficiency.

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